Congratulations to the 2022 winners of Johnson's Educator of the Year Award

Krista Levely

Orchard Park Secondary School, Ontario

Krista’s dedication to her students goes beyond the classroom. From coaching multiple sports teams to her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Krista has played an integral role in fostering an inclusive environment in her school community.

Genevieve Rudzki

Meyonohk School, Alberta

Genevieve’s compassion and patience in the classroom is unwavering. From building one-on-one connections with each of her students to making every lesson fun and engaging, Genevieve invests her time and heart into her school.

Vickie Morrow

Redcliff Middle School, Nova Scotia

Vickie’s passion for teaching is undeniable. From breaking down barriers between subjects to encouraging curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, Vickie is committed to supporting every student along their own paths to self-discovery.

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